5 Beard Trends to Guide You in 2017

For years beards have been gracing the jawlines of men across the world, and, whether you like it or not, they aren’t going anywhere in 2017. The reason? Well, while some may think it is already time for men to get rid of their facial hair, more and more men actually start giving increased care and attention to their appearance and grooming routine.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this extremely masculine trend is that there is a style of beard for every man. So whether you are after something brutal or a bit more subtle, you will definitely be able to find a beard style to match your face type and to completely change your aesthetic. The changing aesthetic part got you all excited, right?

Here are our beard predictions for 2017.

The Thicker, Longer Beard

You have those thick beard genetics and you are not utilizing them? Man! What’s wrong with you? Grow a beard and remember – the longer, the better! Of course, perfecting the thicker, longer beard is a gradual process, so try to be as patient as possible. Also, don’t forget to be mindful of your grooming, since you probably don’t want to end up looking like Robinson Crusoe.

The Hipster Beard

Legend says, every time you shave your beard, you can hear a hipster scream. Want to save the hipster? Then stop shaving your beard! And, oh, don’t forget to couple it with a slightly curled moustache for a more stylized and unique appearance.

The Square & Faded Beard

The square and faded, not too long, not too short beard is a good option for you in case you like having a masculine jawline. And if you have a faded hairstyle, then you can fade your beard shorter to the ear and into the hairline so that it accompanies your hair. But remember, this style requires regular trips to your barber to always keep it looking fresh and sharp.

The Short Stubble Beard

The short stubble beard could be something for you to opt for in case you want a little change from your clean-shaven face or your regular full beard. This is the simplest among all the beard styles and can be easily maintained with no special care and method. Trust us, the short stubble will make you look manly, yet not untidy.

The No Beard

jake gyllenhaal

No beard? No problem! Seriously, this year, and in general, clean-shaven face is also an option for you. And if you don’t trust us, then you should at least trust Jake Gyllenhaal, ‘The Hollywood guy’ that throughout his life and career has tried and keeps trying all the beard styles, and even the no beard one.

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