10 Ways to Tame Your Exposed Brick Wall Interiors in 2017

2017 keeps the idea of integrating rough materials in interiors but the details are what bring the place to life. The brick is an useful material, used from ancient times for exterior facades, but what if we look beyond the barriers and introduce this element into our habitat?

Below you can see some example of living rooms in which you can guess the personality or the hobbies of the owners from the details and objects used.

1. Floral pattern taming the wall`s roughness


The shades of pink and the floral decorations on the sofa combined with the roughness of the walls creats a warm and welcoming atmosphere for a bohemian spirit. For optimal results, you can choose large windows, if the building where you live permits this.

2. Bright colors and DIY furniture


If you don`t have access to natural light, you can keep the idea of bright colors and furniture that brings more warmth to your place. You can choose a sofa with neutral shades and improvise a table from a suitcase. The use of wood is also a plus because it brings a welcoming vide to the composition.

3. Natural splash of color


I think this is the ideal room for a nature lover. The texture of the wall, the green of the plants together with the neutral colors of the furniture make for a perfect place where you can spend your Sundays reading or watching a good movie. It`s interesting how a tall plant can become the focus point of the room acting like a splash of color.

4. Neutral colors and statement decorations


A carpet that covers a big surface has an antiphonal role but can also define 2 zones (cooking zone – socialization zone) and brings you the feeling of safety. The neutral colors are a trend in 2017 but you should focus on details and irregular forms to remove the monotony.

5. Easy as feather


The art of decorating your home consists in balancing colors, textures and furniture influences. The tiled floor is a great material for balancing the exposed brick wall. Although both of them are rough materials, they can be easily heated by a cozy sofa, and 2 coffee tables that help define 2 important zones in a living room: socialization and relaxation zone.

6. Dynamic color combinations


No colors combination is more dynamic than blue combined with orange, red and purple. If you use the right proportions and shades, you can create a pleasant and vibrant ambient in your house. No matter how tired you are, the strong colors will bring you satisfaction and give a good mood.

7. Cozy industrial living


This is an example of contemporary style at its finest. The decoration of this living stands our from the examples above, but we can still observe the use of light, reduced here to an artificial, warm shade. Even if the walls have a cold, stone like appearance, and the start has a metallic structure, the leather of the sofa, the wood furniture and the texture of the carpet brings you to a cozy space.

8. A booklover`s paradise


This room shows a great way of combining wood and bricks without material excess. Although the sofa has a bright color, the balance is created from the constant alignment of the shelves applied on the brick wall. A black wooden floor is the right choice for this kind of space, calming the splash of color. If you like to read and you need time off from the urban life, this is the solution for you.

9. Bold contemporary arangement


If you choose to redecorate the walls this way, you need to create a contrast with the lower part of the room. It may be a little difficult to find the right furniture that allows you to control strong colors (gold, silver) but the final result will worth it.

10. Black and white balanced luxury


If you prefer luxury, keep tabs on black/white elements and carefully balance the placement of accents. A gray brick wall works perfect with a wooden floor of the same shade.The decorations must be chosen properly if you want a warm atmosphere. Al old wooden coffee table will help you solve this problem.

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