Top 9 Flooring Trends for 2017

How many of us walk into a room and look at the flooring first?

Very few but we all ‘feel’ it. Don’t we?

Flooring is an aspect of design that we sometimes tend to neglect when it comes to designing our interior spaces but it does play a vital role in our homes and offices.

I guess I would call it the ‘most used up’ zone in our space.

People are opting for fresh new looks and new trends in different industries for the new year, that includes the design industry, so obviously you wouldn’t want to revamp your space with an outdated flooring.

Timeless feel, elegance and durability is something we all look out for when selecting material for our floors.

As we approach the dawn of 2017, let’s take a look at some of these flooring types that may hit the bull’s eye in the coming years.


With the latest innovations in technology and manufacturing industry, bamboo is no longer ‘just a natural bamboo’ but with a diverse choice of styles, textures and colors to choose from to suit your needs.


The latest addition is the highly engineered bamboo type called the Strand woven bamboo flooring that mimics the typical hardwood flooring. There is absolutely no harm in choosing this

There is absolutely no harm in choosing this ecofriendly material that is durable sustainable and gives a natural rustic finish to your space.

WPC- Wood Plastic Composite

Another outcome of the developments in the manufacturing field, WPC has emerged as one of the most popular flooring types today. It is mainly a composite that is made out of wood

It is mainly a composite that is made out of wood fiber and PVC, which is sometimes referred to as enhance vinyl planks, it can be called an luxury vinyl plank but not all LVT’s are WPC’s.


WPC flooring are in demand today due to its characteristics of being waterproof, rigid and stable. Trillium’s line of WPC flooring called Tricore XL that includes planks and tiles, offer the warmth and richness of wood and stone.


Luxury Vinyl

As the name suggests, it is more than just vinyl tiles or carpets that we have seen while growing up. With high durability, easy maintenance and vast variety of patterns and textures to choose from, LVT have become a trendsetter. They resemble the aesthetic appeal of wood and stone while giving the benefits of vinyl.

They resemble the aesthetic appeal of wood and stone while giving the benefits of vinyl.


Armstrong flooring offers an absolutely stunning collection of these LVT planks and tiles for your new home. Give a total facelift to your home with LVT’s stunning range of colors and patterns to choose from that would give the desired luxury and rusticity of stone and wood and add everlasting charm to your space.


Concrete has become popular more as a surface finish and flooring material than a building material these days, thanks to the vast availability of colors, textures and finishes to choose from.

Concrete flooring are ageless, durable and suit any commercial and residential interior. Concrete floors are sleek and trendy and is something that is not going to go out of style at least for the next few years.



I am not referring to the traditional cork but the ‘revolutionary’ cork that has emerged in the recent years. Designers consider it as an alternative to typical hardwood sometimes. Where ever the ‘go green’ factor sprouts, cork is considered as number one ecofriendly choice.

Wicanders have come up with some cool and chic multilayered engineered cork flooring to suit your aesthetics and taste. You can achieve the desired style effect while getting benefits of the durability and easy maintenance of cork. It is simply amazing how the design world is shaping up nowadays.

Jacksonville Cork Flooring

Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood is becoming more in demand than standard hardwood flooring. Obviously who would want to spend extra bucks on standard hardwood when you can achieve the same with engineered wood planks.


It is more beneficial in terms of stability, cost factor and moisture resistant than many hardwood floors.

Undoubtedly with its diverse collection to select from, it gives you a stunning and enduring floor to beautify your homes and offices.

Porcelain and Ceramic tiles

Porcelain and ceramic have always been considered as standard, cost effective flooring options compared to marble and granite. Although porcelain is teeny bit expensive but more durable than ceramic, both have been considered as ideal and versatile alternatives to expensive flooring options.

Besides colors and patterns to choose from, the trend nowadays is to choose large format tiles. The greater the size, the less visible are the grout lines providing hassle free maintenance.


Artistic tiles have unveiled the new steelwork porcelain that gives the look of a pressed iron. This proves that with the latest manufacturing techniques, digital printing and stunning array of choices that depict stone, wood and even carpet textures and patterns, you can come up with a sophisticated flooring for your homes and offices.


High performance carpets

With carpets being an ageless trend, The carpet world has introduced a new technique called the cut and loop carpet, in which the pile is partly cut and partly looped that gives a cleaner finish, while creating subtle and bold patterns.

The replacement of loose fibre pads with high-quality dense rubber is also another development. With carpets going ‘green’ companies like Shaw floors recycles nylon to manufacture carpets. The moving trend is to manufacture carpets that are of high performance, ecofriendly with soft fibers, more textures and patterns with a refined finish to suit your interior needs.

The moving trend is to manufacture carpets that are of high performance, ecofriendly with soft fibers, more textures and patterns with a refined finish to suit your interior needs.

Even wool carpets are really an ‘In’ thing today with its ecofriendly tag.


Wood, reclaimed and laminates

As the hardwood has sustained its position and is still trending in the market, the ecofriendly factor has led people to opt for reclaimed wood with its natural textured finished that resembles the barks. It is more classy and rustic but an expensive choice as well.


On the other hand wood laminates are a cheaper option and is booming today due to its affordability and resemblance to natural hardwood flooring.


With its modern techniques you can get the desired look ranging from distressed and weathered wood, white washed planks to rustic and hand scrapped look or the classic rich and exotic wood feel. Moreover the growing demand is for rustic dark stained, grey and large format wood planks today.

With the focus more on environmental friendly options, materials with natural fiber are in growing demand today, along with natural textures and rustic modern feels. Flooring choice indeed shapes up the interior scheme as a whole and does hold massive importance in terms of functionality and aesthetic appeal therefore next time you decide to install a new flooring, do opt for one of the upcoming ones as the bar has definitely been raised!

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