Glamping Design Trends for 2017

Glamping… Doesn’t it sound familiar? If you still find it incongruous then you have probably spent last few years in Mars. Well if you are aware of blended words then it makes sense that glamping is a blend of ‘glamorous camping’. A trend that has stormed through the last decade. It gives an opportunity for outdoor adventurers to seek camping experience at another level of comfort and luxury.

By combining luxury amenities and nature, glamping types range from treehouses, yurts to luxury tents and trailers. 2016 has witnessed an immense boost in trendy glamping sites in the wildest of places due to its eco-friendly factor and closeness to nature. Let us take a look and figure out which of those would smoothly sail to the years ahead.


Yurts being one of the most sought after glamping accommodation type is sure to stick on for a while. You can define it as a rustic/modern combo of wooden hut, house and tent. It is cylindrical in structure supported by mostly wood and sometimes metal frames dressed in canvas, felt or animal skin enhanced with basic amenities. Nowadays yurts have been modernized and insulated to withstand weather.


Maythorn and Rowan Yurts set in woodland on edge of Hepworth, Pennine Hills, UK brings a ‘country like’ glamping experience with its timber structure and rustic décor filled to the brim with basic amenities, king sized bed, ample space and comfort that provides an excellent retreat for those who wish to surrender themselves to nature.glamping-inside

Teepees/ Tipis

Teepees or Tipis are mostly shaped liked cones so that it can withstand the weather- to stay warm during winters and cold during summers. Traditionally they were made with animal skins on wooden poles (tripod) but nowadays they are made with more stable and weatherproofed materials therefore you can experience service and comfort both in one of those ‘little cones’.


Luxe Teepees in Florida are the newly introduced cluster of teepees to give once in a lifetime adventure to campers. Designed in native American style, It boasts of 5 star amenities such as double sided stone rock hearth fireplace, leather chairs with authentic cowhide ottoman, sleeper couch and king sized bed.

glamping-luxury-sofa Additionally it is surrounded by a private patio deck and an en-suite bathroom with porcelain cast iron claw bathtub and shower.  Teepees like these are surely going to take glamping to another level in future.


Glamping in trailers and airstreams is like upgrading outdoor experience. Somewhat shaped like caravans or submarines they are really ‘in’. It is definitely a unique thought to stay in vintage or modern airstream trailers that are chic, cool and functional. Unlike regular glamping tents you cannot expect airstream trailers to be fancy in terms of interior but they are definitely getting popular with it modern and trendy designs.




El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas has a line of airstream trailers restored with marine varnished birch interiors and decor and accessories from all around the world. These chic and cool mini living spaces boasts of comfort and functionality to ensure ‘one of its kind’ moment for guests.


Treehouses usually tend to remind us of our childhood days where we would want to construct a mini treehouse for a hideaway. Modern technology and advancement in engineering and materials have actually made this dream come true.


Stunning treehouses are created, be it modern or rustic that blends nature with luxury and comfort. Believe it or not but they are everywhere! Beautiful and inspirational treehouses are definitely a splendid treat.



Unlike most other glamping types, treehouses are versatile in terms of design and have different unique structures such as UFO treehouse or Mirrorcube treehouse in Sweden or the Rustic treehouse cabin in Colorado.

There is no doubt that these elegantly crafted treehouses are here to stay for a while.


Luxury tents or double tents? Well this pretty much states that tents have been elevated in terms of design, concept and style. Glamping tents with the modern developments are no more those traditional tents where water can seep in during rain but in fact they are constructed with weather resistant material equipped with AC and other luxuries.


Some are constructed in the traditional way and some have been altered in shape for that sleek modern look or unusual ones like doughnut or worm shaped tents. Double tent, an innovative and inspirational concept: a tent inside another tent allows more privacy and a bug-free experience.




The autonomous tent designed by Harry Gesner visibly looks like a permanent structure but can easily be erected and moved. This tent resembles a shell and is structured with metal covered with resilient glow in the dark fabric that shelters and protects from harsh weather and at the same time provides natural indoor lighting at night. With a high tech bathroom and all the required necessities, it is undeniably an inspiration for glamping tents in future.

Pods and Domes

Glamping pods and domes with similar specifications are round structured single rooms that tend to resemble an igloo or a cap. Typically Geodesic domes are constructed with modern materials such as wood steel, iron or high resistant PVC fabric whereas eco pods are constructed with recycled or local materials that can withstand weather in an ecofriendly manner to minimize environmental impact.


glamping-inside-bedGlamping at Whitepod Switzerland is a dream come true. Live in sheer luxury while exploring the Alps. The cozy pods that are weather protected are equipped with wood burning stove and organic luxury bedding, also accessorized with antiquities from across the region. It certainly provides much required coziness and warmth from the cold Swiss plains.

Some domes and pods are suspended in the air similar to treehouses. Also another upcoming design trend in this category are prefabricated inflatable bubble domes that boast of ultimate luxury and sophistication with a 360 degrees panoramic view of nature.


Cabins, we all know, refer to those traditional and cozy wooden structures in the woods.



Typically constructed out of wood, it includes other heavy wooden features in the entire space that gives us vibes of classic and country houses.



Recently the Korean architects Archiworkshop came up with a unique and inspiring concept of constructing cabin-like suspended structures for an exceptional glamping encounter. Built with mirror and black cedar wood panels on an inclined slope these ‘dynamic triangles’ are balanced combination of nature, comfort and modern design.


Glamping on water has either lodges, tents cabins or houseboats floating on water or supported above water level with columns or stilts.



The new floating caravan the ‘Sealander’ designed by German designer Daniel Straub takes glamping to a completely different level.

Designed with modern innovative materials, it as a waterproof chassis and is constructed with reinforced plastic and fiberglass and is operated by an electric engine once it hits the water. Now who wouldn’t want to camp afloat?


Glamping in caves! Doesn’t it sound exciting and adventurous. Well we are not referring to the typical old stone caves but modern underground, or on the surface caves with basic amenities, coziness and comfort. Typically these caves are constructed with stone but the furniture and accessories add the required glamour and balance.



glamping-caveSpain is known for its luxurious cave glamping experience but what I found stunning is the Kokopellis’s cave in New Mexico located 70 feet below the surface.

With its rock constructed walls, it also includes a replica Native American Kiva with wood burning horno (fireplace), waterfall shower and Jacuzzi bathtub along with a living room and master bedroom accessorized with wooden antique furniture.

It surely provides a rustic ambience with a Native American feel.

Glamping Trends Final Thoughts

The glamping choices and trends are diversifying day by day. Gone are the days of old straw huts and fabric tents. Designers and architects with their ‘out of the box’ approach leave no stone unturned in designing inspirational glamping spaces that are contemporary in style, aesthetically appealing yet environmental friendly. These cool spots are certainly going to give once in a lifetime experience so go glamping soon!








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