Top 10 Kitchen Interior Design Trends of 2017

Your kitchen is the heart of your home so it is very obvious that you would want your kitchen interior to be consistent with the latest trend. Kitchen styles keep changing, no doubt, when the size of mobile phones keep altering and CRT TV has gone to flat screen, you don’t expect kitchen style to remain the same. What was in style 5 years back might not be in trend today. With modern innovative technology, and keeping in mind ergonomic efficiency and utility, kitchens have become more ‘smart oriented’ with auto gadgets and sleek looks. Let’s take a look at some of these kitchen trends that will flow smoothly into the next year.

Open plan kitchens


Cooking nowadays is no longer done inside closed doors. Kitchens are made more open, more spacious and airy, more connected to the rest of the living space. This is something to look out for in 2017. Designers and home owners opt for more open kitchens where the kitchen converges with the open living. This is one reason why kitchen design and style has taken a competitive lead in the industry as it is no longer an enclosed space. Cook while you entertain your guests is the motto.

Contemporary style


According to a survey conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) 60% of the people prefer contemporary style kitchens compared to other styles. Transitional style is still trending but people want more of a contemporary feel in their kitchens with a blend of modern and traditional touch. Smooth edges, curvy forms, light spaces, some pop of color, natural wood touch and multi-functional storage all add up to define a timeless contemporary kitchen.

Neutrals and Soft muted hues


Black is the new white. Most designers opt for black cabinetry or counter tops to bring in a sleek and chic look. Kitchenaid manufacturer have introduced a range of black stainless steel appliances for a more futuristic look. Apart from that white kitchens are classy and trendy, especially white cabinets with a pop of accent color with use of decorative tiles. Grey and cream kitchens define elegance and charm and are considered amongst the favorites.

Bright and cabinet lighting


Gone are the days where you work with a few incandescent bulbs in the kitchen. Ample light with more energy saving ceiling lights, pendant lamps and a touch of mood light is in desirable demand. The latest trend to watch out for is cabinet lighting that is soaring up in popularity. LED strips and recessed spot lights are used above and below cabinets and inside as tasks lighting for better function and as a mood enhancer.

Think vertical


Watch out for more vertically aligned kitchen. Taller and sleek cabinets have slowly taken over horizontal, low and broad cabinets with soft lifts, fold up doors and horizontal low edge handles. This means maximized function and ample storage especially when your kitchen is small and requires more utility. RTA cabinet store has a vertical cabinets range for your tiny kitchens that have a clean and sleek look.

Kitchen Island


Kitchen islands are in vogue! Oval, smooth rectangle islands with open shelves and cabinets that provide increased functionality and sometimes serve multipurpose. Additionally these islands have combined dining space. Front side of kitchen islands that face the living area have integrated dining with bar stools. Cook and dine, a classy island appropriate for your busy lifestyle, is sure to enhance the smart look of your modern kitchen.

Clean and minimal


Simplicity is sophistication! Kitchens with shelves filled to the brim are simply a no no. 2017 will see more of clean, clutter free, organized kitchens.  Minimalist in style with hidden appliances, light wood floors, high cabinetry and open shelves that are still popular which will result to a more refined and relaxed look, with smooth flow and increased ergonomic efficiency.

Modern Materials


Quartz, granite and Corian countertops are raging. Corian by DuPont are quite popular due to its variety of choices and are a less expensive option than granite. Granite and quartz no doubt are designers favorite and have a growing demand. Materials that have a seamless flow, without visual edges that provide a clean and sophisticated look are more desired. Mosaic and decorative tile backsplash that add a splashy colorful look and visual appeal will be more visible in the next few year.

‘Smart’ Kitchens


With minimalist style getting more popular, home owners wish to maximize their cabinet space with pull outs, larder systems and organizers. Even the deepest kitchen corner can have a pull out system for ease and functionality. Hafele and METOD interior fittings by IKEA have solutions for your smart kitchens.


Modern urban kitchens have refrigerators and electric appliances hidden behind doors, disguised as cabinets. Where budget is not a hindrance, designers have come up with automated faucets and sensor cabinet doors that just need a ‘click’ to open. Integrate cutting edge technology to add a wow factor and a state of the art look to your kitchen.

Shaker Style cabinets


One of the most favored style, Shaker style is back, to give a timeless feel and classical touch to your kitchen. The demand for minimal and simple look has made this style designers favorite. With its lack of ornate moldings and clean straight lines, it will be a perfect style for white painted cabinets or natural wood cabinet system bringing with it in a pure, subtle and simple look.

So, we have provided you with a spoonful of latest kitchen characteristics that are trending in. As we near the dawn of 2017, make sure to consider these helpful tips to design a trendsetting and innovative kitchen that will help maximize its utility and impress your visitors at the same time.


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