Living Room Design Trends 2016 Year in Review


Budget doesn’t matter if you want the perfect living room. You need to appreciate every corner of your space and find it`s beauty. God is in details or Less is more are two quotes with different meanings but with the same principle. Check your available light sources and play with forms; these are advices that every architect or interior designer would have for you.

In 2016 we had observed a new principle of spacing: framing that separates a room into two spaces, one public and one private. This is called space in space and allows you to hide your private space in your living room with just a facade.

Parametric light

This is a first example of “space in space” with a visual relation between the living room and the dining room, separated by a dividing wall with a monotone pattern. A small area, that was decorated on a low budget, can be enhanced with the use of organic materials like the wooden vertical dado on the left wall.


Also, the use of lines on the floor and celling make the room appear larger than it is. Diego Cisi and Stefano Gorni Silvestrini are the architects behind this beautiful use of light and details in this Milan (IT) apartment.

Wooden Box


This example follows the same “space in space” principle. For this 47 sqm apartment, Ruetemple made use of 2 large widows and constructed a big, multi-functional block of wood in the middle. This separates the living room and the bedroom and creates 2 different zones of comfort.

As wood is a rather active material in terms of color and texture, the remaining space has been designed using neutral colors for the celling and floor, and white chalk walls.

Home Back Home

This shared room is a living and working room at base, but it comes with an interesting story. Anna came back from abroad to finish her PhD and she moved in with her younger brothers.

Because of this, the 25,9 sqm lounge needed multifunctional spaces like a bedroom and a working space for Anna and her 2 brothers that also need spaces for work and leisure activities.


The architects found a nice solution to introduce the private space in a niche with big windows and used chairs to create an “amphitheater” lounge in the public space.


This effect is still new for 2016, but I suppose this will be further developed in 2017 by interior designers and architects because it offers a cheap solution for small spaces where you want control over every corner of your room.

Wish you were here


We can observe that the wood is an universal material, with it`s property to create a warm atmosphere and low costs. The main element in this living room is the sofa; a place where you can relax, work on a laptop, watch a good movie or spend the free time with your friends. The modular sofa can be adjusted for all kind of activities and even for naps, and ties together this middle range budget living room that features a 2017 trending color – wish .

Less is more

For this apartment the client wanted to have the maximum spaces for minimum of interior items which influences the future of interior aesthetics. This defines a new style in trends of 2017, Urban style with middle range budget costs.


The general mood of the interior is transmitted through the use of dark tones in the interior and residential unusual materials: facade tiles, stucco, a large number of front windows, which were closed with black shutters. I recently read that extrovertists are influenced by this type of monochrome room and atmosphere.

Family Comfort

architecture photography צילום אדריכלות

A 2016 trend that will continue in 2017 is the use of elements with common texture, colours and patterns. This apartment was furnished for a family from Tel Aviv, Israel. The black elements divide the space into 3 different zones. I like the niche where the TV was placed, combined with the lights from the beam and the different furniture items that create a balanced warm feeling.



This is a good example that demonstrates that brick and wood will never get old-fashioned. These retro look inspired interiors are making a huge comeback. The lightning is simple, nothing ostentatious, in fact, I see a continuity of trends in 2017 to minimalize space and trying dividing walls. This kind of room needs a middle budget to reintroduce vintage objects in trends.

Canari House


The architects from NatureHumaine have chose the staircase as focus point by fixing it in the walls with a bold color. Thought for an athletic young couple, the somewhat monotone and grey apartment, becomes dynamic through the changes of pattern and materials used for celling, floor and walls.

Another interesting aspect of this décor is the black line that connects the windows to the staircase but also divides the room into two separate spaces.

Pink is the new obsession


Swatches of bright color combine with patterned ceramic tiles in the Hong Kong apartment home of multidisciplinary design studio Lim + Lu.

The couple preferred to change the NY industrial style so they decided to bring color an light in the social zone of their home. The glass dividing wall concentrate the visual relation between the living room and the dining room.

This luxury style has totally the attention in 2017 for everyone who want to bring a refreshing look in their rooms.

Black and White Elegance


This luxury Parisian style is created with the use of a high ceiling, large windows and herringbone wooden floors, but the most important item is the fireplace.

Even for a year like 2016, which applies for a modern look, the architectural details for walls and fireplace were not forgotten.

I see a continuity of this trend in 2017, because most items from the history of interior design and arts are kept and reinterpreted in different forms.

Living Room Design Predictions for 2017

Most of this examples have the same principle at base: a large space that includes different zones, because the modern family has become more dynamic and feels the need to share common activities.

The specialists found 3 solutions to delimit different zones (living, dining, kitchen) but the idea is to keep a visual relation across the whole space.

With this in mind, we can predict that the 2017 design trends and future trends as well will focus on modular elements that have multiple roles and functions.

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