Office Interior Design Trends Year in Review 2016

It can be seen in the office interior trends of 2016 that there is a significant shift from the permanent layouts to the one’s which are flexible. There is more focus on co working spaces, connections and easy flow of the layouts. The more interesting approach is of the use of bold patterns and textures combined with the exposed structures of the industrial design instead of monotonous and monochromatic designs.

Office Interior Design Trends Year in Review

Flexible spatial design



As the concept of dynamism is being approached in every design trend. The flexible designs were on the top of the design trends in 2016. As compared to the traditional permanent layouts these flexible designs consist of interior elements which can be mixed, stacked, grouped and even fitted with the other elements of the interior.

Using the second skin concept by Leroux Sichrovsky Architects had designed this interior office design for a social organization which can be folded, wrapped and blend itself to form new spatial interiors. These co working space can also be used for various social activities as it provides different flexible spatial interiors setting accordingly.

Sustainable interiors

sustainable interiors

In order to enhance communications at the workplace Inhouse brand architects provides a nonconventional approach of integrative and collaborative spaces to achieve a high degree of communication with the work teams instead of working in isolation in separate modules.

To achieve a sustainable creative environment, team had used the materials like plywood and pine as well as trees in a café area for a calm, soothing and elegant impact of the office to work in. Combined with the bold textures, high level finishing’s as well an additional recycled container for a waiting room totally establishes for a high end result of the company.

Transformational interior trends

transformational interior design

The light speed’s headquarters designed by acdf architects is a distinguished and illustrious example of the transitional and transformational interior trends of 2016. The revived design also demonstrates the elements of the past in the form of exposed architectural elements, wooden beams in the ceiling, steel girders as well as brick walls.

The connection of contemporary design had been made with the industrial period in the form of vibrant colours, glass walls, pavilions of different colours and various forms of graphic art. The overall image of this space represents a classic montage of interior design of both the periods.

Colourful trends in the interiors


The colourful trend in the interior of the office can be clearly depicted in the Barrows firm designed by Ghislaine Viñas. The use of stiff and bold colours, contemporary furniture elements apprehend the firm’s environments allowing it to be more energetic and lively to work and communicate in.

The high backed sofa makes a contemporary statement in this gathering area along with the tables and armchairs separating this space from the monochromatic kitchen bar. The idea of use of different colours may seem to damage the office environment but Ghislaine Viñas use of specific colour palettes for each space creates a transition and converging provides a pathway for maximizing movement around the office.

Shared Workspaces


Designed for the people from different creative industries, this space offers a multiple, well operated functional office surroundings. This office provides with choices of space units from a single module to 10-person module units.

An amphitheatre providing a shared networking space for had been placed in the middle of working units acting as a transition for multiple conversations and interactions. The columns had been kept exposed in accordance with the vintage themes of the interior.

Breaking the monotony


This office lobby designed by 4N design architects is a clear example of bringing on the nature in the interior spaces in terms of timber slots cladding into the columns. The rainbow coloured structure represents the locker room as wells it has the baskets for the marketing messages. The whole enigma of the space is broken by the rainbow coloured locker rooms which is also acting as a focal point of the space and is uplifting the space more accurately in its tones of natural atmosphere.

At office, At home


The main goal of this project was to provide its employees homely impression and feeling. For this purpose, the layout of this office had been kept same as that of the house. The dining room and the kitchen are the main focuses of the design as these are the main communicative places as well as can be served as a meeting room.

This environment with the natural light provides an ambience and relaxed environment. The idea behind home like arrangement is get relieve from stress as can be seen in the typical traditional arrangement of the offices and to stimulate more productivity and creativity in the workplace by spending more time at work.

The art of telling stories through installations


The design of this interior space is composed of art installations, communal and comfortable lounge as well as dining spaces. The main theme is the abstract representation of the firm’s data in context of genealogy and genetics. The staircase composed of wooden treads and glass railings extends to the atrium along with the cardboard globes suspended from the ceiling which gives an identity to this central stairwell and presenting a connection between brand and uniqueness of its principals.

Courtyard themes


Rather than having an enclosure for office space, Torafu architects had designed this space around an inner courtyard allowing more natural light to enter the space. The other aspect of design is the playful nature of the interior by breaking the space into zones such as the timber platform stairs and large table next to the courtyard.

This combination of industrial features with the playful theme pop out the soften image of the stiff structure. The grouping of working spaces together also offers more dynamic and interactive spatial design enhancing the movement and collaborations.

Nurturing Company Culture


Etsy is one of the companies which is all about conserving brand image through locally owned and responsible materials.  It can be seen in the interiors of its office in Brooklyn, where the vendors of its own company produced the furniture for the office in order to ensure environmentally safe as well as comfortable.

The whole interior is comprised of workspaces grouped together on the concept of living building together, with the double height ceilings.  Etsy labs is the centrepiece of the whole interior with display cabinets made of sustainable material, which showcases hands on maker space allowing employees to test their ideas for events and community engagements.

As can be noticed in the trends of 2016, there is a beginning of more sustainable trends in the interior, in terms of natural light and inner courtyards as well as use of materials and finishes.

2017 can be the year of mix and match patterns with the neutral tones in the corporate office interior designs. Also shared and gathering spaces idea can be more of practise. The use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials can also be enhanced and it can be more of extensive use.

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