Master the Force with a Star Wars Android Phone

If you live in Japan anyway…

If you love Star Wars as much as most people do, I bet you’ll be planning a trip to Japan half way through this article.

Sharp, apparently, wants in on the Star Wars mania and decided to celebrate by making this phone to commemorate the upcoming film — Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. However, those who prowl the western hemisphere like myself won’t be too stoked about this colossal fan service in the form of a smartphone being exclusive to SoftBank — a JAPANESE carrier.

That means, a lot of you like myself may be well out of luck. But I’m not writing this article merely to tug at your heart strings. I’m a fan of Star Wars myself and think the fan service crammed into this smartphone is worth talking about.

The overall specs of the device aren’t half bad — especially compared to other novelty products Sharp has worked on. But I have a hard time believing anyone will be spending their hard earned money on this phone for the camera specs if you catch my drift.

Why don’t we start this off by talking about the things you actually WANT to hear about?

Star Wars through and through

Star Wars, Star Wars Smartphone

This smartphone features a color-shifting design laced with all the allure of the light side and the mystery of the dark side. And a bunch of other perks laced throughout the software that’s bound to tickle your fanboy/girl fancy.

Pilot an X-Wing…? Why Not?

Star Wars, Star Wars Smartphone

The live Starfighter wallpapers allow you to make your phone look like an X-Wing or TIE fighter cockpit.

Sharp also included custom sounds that are preloaded. I’m guessing if the sound of storm trooper lasers zapping away and hitting nothing is the sort of thing that gets you going then you’ll be right at home.

Watch the Force Awakens…Again and Again…

They also include a FREE app that lets you watch the Force Awakens until 2020. That’s a huge plus depending on how you felt about the latest film.

Honestly, I couldn’t make it through my second watch.  I just prefer to watch the actual A New Hope as opposed to witnessing J.J Abrams shoot the whole movie over scene for scene with far less appeal.

The Star Wars Android is around 7.6mm thick and weighs about 155g. Sharp includes 5 exclusive metal figurines from the upcoming Rogue One movie. Note: the images below aren’t the actual figurines, but they’re from the Stars Wars universe and they’re figurines — so I thought ‘why not?’

Star Wars, Star Wars Smartphone

Rise and shine

A lot of people hate being flung out of sleep by their alarm clocks in the morning. Especially if it’s reminding them that it’s time to head to work or class. I’m not sure what music or sounds will be available for this feature. But waking up to the soundtrack of the Empire does sound like it can change your perspective on a day.

Will it Dominate 2017?

Preorders started only a week ago (at the time of writing this) and the product should’ve been available in Japan since December 2, 2016. With the year just about over, this smartphone is sure to kick up a storm in the Japanese market in 2017.

Especially because of the Star Wars emojis.

One can only hope they include Yoda emojis, otherwise, that simply defeats the purpose. Not that I’d be in Japan to bask in any of the glory.

More than a Novelty

Jokes aside, this device isn’t just fan service. The 5.3-inch handset features a 1080p screen and a Snapdragon 820 processor. It offers 3GB ram, and even has 32GB of expandable storage. They also say it includes a 22.6 rear megapixel camera.

Nothing GROUNDBREAKING happening here. But the specs are enough to make the phone stand on its own. It’s also water resistant, but dust will give it some trouble.

Will it be coming our way?

I hate to break your hearts (or do I?). But don’t expect to see this phone available on your side of the planet anytime soon. Unless you have a thing for buying phones from across the world and putting them on display on your dresser as no more than an empty shell sitting around for its looks — you’re pretty much out of luck.

Importing the phone is likely to damage the appeal it has going for it. And it probably won’t support your carrier anyway. Not to mention the free movie streaming only works within the native market.

All things considered, have you bought those tickets to Japan, yet?

Update: So I checked and they DO have a Yoda emoji and it is GLORIOUS!

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