Most anticipated tech products of 2017

New Year, New Tech

2017 is here and tech lovers have had ample time to purchase their favorite releases of 2016 in time for Christmas. But you’re probably already looking forward to the tech products that will emerge in 2017.

The big dogs in the industry have cranked out some pretty interesting stuff the past year. Of course, there are always the let downs—but overall, we’ve been set up for a pretty exciting time in 2017.

I’m just as excited as you are—which is why I went ahead and did some research to see what companies have been cooking up for tech lovers.

Keep in mind, this article won’t cover EVERY last rumor or detail of what’s in store for tech products in 2017. Only the ones that interest me the most.

I won’t waste any time. Let’s take a peek at some of the most intriguing tech products that should become available in 2017!

1.Samsung Galaxy S8

tech products 2017, samsung smartphones

Yes, another Samsung Galaxy. Although the Samsung S7 Edge had a proclivity for fireworks that consumers weren’t overly fond of, it still remains true that Samsung is a solid company. Bottom line is — they make good stuff!

And here it is, their first chance at making amends for the whole conundrum with the 7 Edge. There isn’t a lot of information available (unsurprisingly). But the Galaxy S8 should be here by spring 2017.

According to Samsung, the phone will feature a new digital assistant, powered by the same company who brought us Siri. And if it’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that Siri knows her stuff. Apparently, Samsung has bought out the company (Viv) and are now in the process of giving Siri a little sister.

2. The World’s Most Flexible Phone?

tech products 2017, bendable smartphone 2017

Yes, ANOTHER Samsung product. These guys love their jobs, don’t they? Samsung has been trying to perfect bendable display for quite some time.

Apparently, 2017 is the year they’ve chosen to show off what they’ve accomplished by applying that to a phone!

Samsung filed a patent back in October, confirming that this is more than just rumors and speculations. This does make for a bit of confusion, for me anyway. Apparently, the Samsung S8 is supposed to feature a foldable design? Different sources have the Galaxy S8 and the foldable phone as two separate products, while other sources only mention the S8. Feel free to clear this up in the comments 🙂

3. iMac 2017

iMac 2017, tech products 2017

Over the past few years, Apple has been kind enough to give the iMac an update here and there. Despite that, it’s been a while since Apple has shown any major concern with regards to beefing up what is already an effective machine.

But they mean to fix that this year.

According to Mark Gurman (Bloomberg), there is a good chance Apple is going to throw some USB-C port action into the iMac mix. Hardly a surprise, seeing as a bunch of other Apple products have been flaunting that particular feature religiously.

There hasn’t been any concrete information on when the new iMac may take the market by storm. However, diehards can hope.

4. New Google laptop meets Andromeda

Google laptop 2017, tech products 2017

As far as their OS is concerned, Google isn’t just going back to the drawing board. They’re throwing out the current drawing board, and replacing it with a new one. So you soon may have to kiss your Chrome and Android operating systems good-bye.

Wipe that tear from your cheek. These guys are pros — they know what they’re doing (I hope…). The company wants to move on to other devices and it’s time now that they part ways with the Chrome and Android operating systems.

I can appreciate that the company at the very least understands that evolution is important. And no, not every billion dollar company understands that. Call of Duty fans had to whine and moan for nearly a decade before they updated their engines.

They’ve finally updated the engine on more recent releases, and are now refusing to make another replacement anytime soon. The proof? Apparently, Infinite Warfare flaunts an old engine in true COD fashion. But they did their best to make those textures pretty *wink wink*.

Back to Google, Chrome and Android are being thrown out the ‘windows’ (see what I did there?) and we are going to be saying hello to the Andromeda OS. Sounds like a kingdom from a random Japanese RPG title.

This new OS will also power another laptop that Google is currently working on in the lab. We still have some ways to go before we get to see just what Google has planned for the future of Chromebooks, as that new machine won’t be launched until fall 2017.

The laptop is supposed to function as a tablet while providing users with the familiarity of a traditional laptop experience. Better yet, it is expected to pack tons of power under the hood.

5. Watch out for Google’s smartwatch

Tech products 2017, Google Smartwatch 2017

If you were excited about Google’s software update for Android Wear watches, you probably weren’t happy with them pushing it back until 2017. On the bright side, Google’s going to be launching their own smartwatches in the coming year as well.

The whole wearable computers arena has been dominated by Apple. But Google just may have their chance to make room for themselves.

Evan Blass announced via Twitter back in October that Google’s two watches will be launched with Android Wear 2.0 in the first quarter of 2017.

Both watches get their own codenames — Angelfish and Swordfish — and boast their own set of unique features.

I’ll start by talking about the interesting one—Angelfish.


Both smartwatches will share similarities, more so the round faces. But they’re both unique in their own right.

Angelfish is the one that has all the flagship mojo. It is expected to feature both GPS and LTE connectivity. Essentially, it is a 43.5mm titanium colored piece of Google heaven. What will probably shock you is that this baby rocks three buttons.

Android Wear is usually comfy with one button (not counting the Casia Smart Outdoor) — but it seems they’re switching things up a bit.

Why the new buttons? Possibly the Angelfish needs them to enable users to make use of new Google assistant features.

Both smartwatches should have Google assistant integration, paired with contextual alerts.

If true, you can expect to see more Android Wear products popping up with similar features.

Earlier in 2016, Pankaj Kedia (Qualcomm’s Smart Wearable’s boss) mentioned collaborating with other companies in order to create a smartwatch that could operate completely independent of smartphones.

Sounds a lot like the Angelfish to me.


More of your typical Android experience. This smartwatch has a 42mm diameter and is about 10.6mm thick. Unlike the Angelfish, the Swordfish follows Android Wear tradition, flaunting one button onboard.

Also, don’t expect any GPS or LTE connectivity from the Swordfish.

VR Headsets for Windows 10

Tech products 2017

If this doesn’t sound like a party, I don’t know what does. Expect a new update in early 2017 that will allow us to use VR headsets with our PCs. Sounds cool, the price isn’t scary either.

The headsets should cost around $299—courtesy of a bunch of companies (Lenovo, Asus, and good ole Dell). Compared to the Oculus Rift (that starts at $599), this is a pretty sweet deal.

Fitbit stays busy

fitbit 2017, Tech products 2017

Fitbit is up to something every year. The same can be said about 2017, only this time, they may have a trick up their sleeve.

Apparently, the company is planning to explore new ‘form factors’ for products. While their statement didn’t accomplish much in the ‘clarity department’, I take that to mean they may start cranking out devices you don’t just wear on your wrist?

Who knows? It’s still way too early to say what they have in store. But if you’re a fan of their past work, 2017 may be a special year for you!

Nintendo ‘switches’ things up

nintendo 2017, nintendo switch

Poor, poor Nintendo fanboys. How many years have you groveled at the bottom of the gaming food chain? How many years has Nintendo milked and rehashed every classic title that even men nearing their forties can remember playing over two decades ago?

I don’t know. But I think I have good news (which if you are a Nintendo fanboy – you probably already know). Nintendo announced their new console (Nintendo Switch) back in October. I imagine the morale of their fanboy army has steadily increased ever since.

Tech products 2017, Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is essentially designed to give you a Nintendo gaming experience, both as a traditional gaming console AND a handheld gaming device. It seamlessly captures the character of the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS.

I couldn’t care less about the DS. But I’ll always love the Nintendo 64. I had a blast playing Golden Eye, Perfect Dark, and Zelda: Ocarina of time. Heck, even Mario 64 was phenomenal.

Feel free to see a trailer of the Nintendo Switch here.

Tech products 2017, Nintendo Switch

I wanted to be able to say I’m SUPER proud of the iconic gaming company. I really, really did. However, maybe Nintendo isn’t ‘switching’ things up as much as I thought they were.

I’ve been trying to come across an ORIGINAL and captivating title to no avail. Seems they hardly exist, which to be honest, this is good ole Nintendo tradition.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Zelda, and Mario is great. But what’s the point in creating new consoles every generation and simply rehashing all the old titles?

Sigh, whatever. I don’t want to rain on the Nintendo parade.

I’m more of a PlayStation kind of guy, but I’d be lying if I said if I wasn’t happy for them.

A new Xbox Console

tech products 2017, xbox scorpio

Microsoft has got big plans for the beloved Xbox, and they’re going to manifest these plans with the launch of the Xbox Scorpio. ‘The most powerful console’ ever is what they’re selling here. They make it sound as if the Scorpio will make the Xbox One look like a Super Nintendo (no offense) which is hardly the case.

Microsoft promises 4k gaming, killer resolution, and a whopping 6 teraflops of graphical processing power.

PlayStation and Xbox are really the Goku and Vegeta of the gaming industry. PS4 went Super Saiyan in November this year when they released the PS4 Pro (formerly PS4 Neo). And now Vegeta—I mean Xbox must also become Super Saiyan by supercharging the Xbox One and creating the Xbox Scorpio.

Horrible analogy aside, whether either of these is worth buying will come down to your personal choice.

You’ve got some cool 4K TVs you can choose from (courtesy of your hard earned money) in order to fully make use of the 4k gaming capabilities. And these consoles do blow their predecessors out the water in terms of power.

THE most anticipated tech product of 2017?

So Samsung is in the process of making a comeback. Nintendo is adding a splash of originality to their program, and the Xbox Scorpio is coming for the PS4 Pro.

What product has you most excited for 2017? Do you think Nintendo made the right move? What about Xbox? And is Samsung making TWO phones with foldable designs or is it just the Galaxy S8?














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