Top 8 Weirdest Trends of Spring 2017

We all have to agree that sometimes fashion goes too far, but it actually is cool.

You don’t think it is?

Well, no matter what your opinion is on the coolness of weird, when you are a fashion designer, you can always unleash your creative juices to find the most artistic expressions to shock the public.

For this upcoming season a few major names have certainly tried to do the same exact thing.

From double-faced cowboy boots to colorful dreads and broad shoulders…

The spring 2017 runways were definitely filled with some shocking stuff.

Sex In The City

For the upcoming season Jeremy Scott is bringing sex to the city… Grainy porno prints, garments with peepholes, and, wait for this… a bondage leash! Is this all a bit too much, or it’s just me?

Double-Faced Cowboy Boots

I’m a bit baffled by these, but oh well… Hood By Air’s spring 2017 ready-to-wear collection pushed a new footwear idea: double-faced cowboy boots, with pointy toes on both the front and the back. In other words, you could wear the surrealistic footwear, either backwards or forwards. The question is, would you ever wear them?

Fish Sunglasses

Are “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory” on your list of top ten favorite movies of all time? If yes, then get yourself a pair of Thom Browne’s killer shades as seen at his spring 2017 ready-to-wear fashion show and ‘just keep swimming’! 

Colorful Dreads

Colorful dreads… Colorful dreads tied into a knot on top of all the models of Marc Jacobs’ spring 2017 ready-to-wear fashion show. Did the hair look beautiful? Absolutely! Would you wear them? I have no idea.

Italian Cuisine

‘You are what you eat’. Or, wait, is it supposed to be ‘You are what you wear’ in this case? If so, then just put on a piece from Dolce & Gabbana’s spring 2017 ready-to-wear collection and become a true Italian simply because this season is all about pizza and pasta.

Floral Earrings

Let’s all agree that these dramatic and romantic clip-on earrings by Delpozo are weirdly stunning! The earrings come in three different sizes and, according to Josep Font, the creative director of the brand, the largest version of earrings is made up of a total of 2,978 sequins of cut glass, paillettes, iridescent Plexiglass cutouts, silver; 1,268 of which are Swarovski crystals, and it took an average of 12 hours per earring, which means a whole day for a complete pair. Wow! Like seriously WOW!

Unicorn Hair Sandals

Are you a fan of unicorns? Are you too scared to dye your hair a unicorn hair color? Good news! Thanks to Libertine, this upcoming season you can wear unicorn hair on your feet. How weird (but cool) is this!

Broad Shoulders

For the upcoming spring season, Balenciaga is not only bringing back the mannish broad shoulders of the 1980s but it is also making them broader. Would you dare to get broad shoulders just to get noticed? If yes, then remember: the broader, the better!


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